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The Dirtybird artist also dropped a new EP to introduce the sounds and ethos of Mi Domina.


After years of honing her craft in the underground dance scene, Los Angeles-based DJ, house music producer and vocalist Nala has quickly become a fast-rising star. Harnessing a unique, Riot Grrrl-inspired sound that blends 90s punk aesthetics with analog synthesizers, she writes electronic music with a conscious edge.


Nala has now launched a new record label, Mi Domina, a "femme-dominated" platform “where women are in charge," per a press release shared with The name translates to "Dominate Me," a phrase which functions as an ode to Nala’s Italian heritage.


Serving as Mi Domina's inaugural record is Nala’s new three-track EP, Get Familiar, a joint record with fellow Dirtybird artist E.R.N.E.S.T.O. Blending funky tech house sounds with Nala’s sultry vocals, the EP is the perfect introduction to the sounds and ethos of Mi Domina.


Nala and E.R.N.E.S.T.O. kick off Get Familiar with “God Complex,” a feisty cut that condemns egomania. Next, they offer brooding underground sounds on the EP's titular track, "Get Familiar," before concluding with an old-school "Acid Mix."