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Released on Landry's imprint, 'Delirium' is an industrial techno four-tracker.

Techno DJ and producer Sara Landry has released her latest EP on her imprint HEKATE.

Entitled 'Delirium', the EP is a collaborative body of work alongside close friend and collaborator Don Woezik, based in the Netherlands.

This is Landry's first collaboration to date, with the pair having already debuted the records in her home of Austin, Texas at one of Landry's KLUBHAUS shows during a b2b.

“This release came together so easily that I absolutely feel it was meant to be!" explains Sara. "This February, Don came over from Malmo to visit me in Austin to play my KLUBHAUS party. We had a few days together before the party, so we started working on tracks in my studio to see what kind of chaos we could conjure with our powers combined… and thus Delirium was manifested.

"We worked together so well that we finished these four thunderous tracks in four days - all made from the ground up - and then as an added bonus we got to debut the tracks at KLUBHAUS later that week. I had a blast working on this EP with Don and I’m so excited for this release and the other amazing releases we have on the way for HEKATE.

All four tracks are - as Sara emphasised in her announcement on Instagram - thunderous, with fast paced, rave-ready cuts.

Both Sara and Dan have one thing in common throughout their productions: they aim to take the listener on a journey with hypnotic, unique and experiential sounds, creating signature warped sounds and contrasting, yet balanced rhythmic beats respectively.

Sara Landry and Don Woezik's EP 'Delirium' is available via HEKATE now