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Burning Man changes 2021 theme and decides to build a Fly Ranch to save the desert

The previously announced theme “Terra Incognita” is a Latin term that translates to “unknown land”.

It was used in cartography to describe regions that were not mapped.

The colonialists used this phrase as a justification for conquest even when the land was inhabited.

Burning Man decided to change the title of the theme, stating, "When we learned that this phrase has a colonial history and reflects some of our own implicit biases and default views, we changed the title."

It was renamed "The Great Unknown".

Another news is that for the legendary Burning Man festival, will be built their own Fly Ranch.

The goal of the project is to create a space for healing, growth, transformation and communication. 

In 2020, Burning Man had to be canceled due to the pandemic, so the organizers thought about a residence in the Black Rock Desert.

To do this, they turned to designers, artists and architects to bring all the leading technologies in green energy, sustainable development and zero waste to the ranch.

This is partly due to the desire to preserve the desert ecosystem: there are hot springs, three reservoirs, moss-covered swamps, as well as various animals and more than 100 species of plants. At the moment, 10 projects have been selected, whose authors will implement them on the territory of Fly Ranch.

By 2030, space should become carbon-negative (removing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than it produces) and ecologically regenerative. “We want to prioritize the health of the planet,” says the project's website.