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MissDjaneMag beauty contest starts 1st March!

Dear DJanes, we are very pleased to announce the start of our beauty contest among female DJs MissDjaneMag! 

This year we've changed the rules of the contest in order to improve it and avoid cheating votes. We've taken into account all the shortcomings and suggest you to look at the new rules of the contest: 

1. Girls will submit applications for participation in the contest, the contestants will be placed after an approval of site editors. 
2. DJANEMAG team will choose 5-10 contestants at its discretion every month. 
3. Site users and the contestants will not be able to see the number of points received. (in order to avoid manipulation of the poll). 
4. The contest is held on a monthly basis, starting from March 1st. 

Beauties, we are looking forward for your participation!